Den Gamle Dame Besøger Byen kongelige teater ghita nørby rikke juellund cæcilie telling telling design

Den Gamle Dame Besøger Byen

A theater show at The Royal Danish Theater. As a assistant to the scenographer Rikke Juellund, I designed several set pieces.


Høje Taastrup Teaters version of Agatha Christies play: The Mousetrap. I designed the set and the costumes. The director wanted a traditional english look.

Phonebooth/meeting room

A phonebooth an meetinbg room for two designed for Republikken office community and cafe on Vesterbrogade. It´s complete with table and sound insolation.

Lysternes Have

A foot safari through a wild part of Copenhagen. As an assistant to scenographer Sarah Cederstrand, I welted and build several set pieces. Including this ball, 2 m in diameter, where an actor could roll around inside and with the ball.